Sunday, June 20, 2010

Balancing my checkbook

So, first off, is checkbook one or two words? oh well.
As of last week I started using the documentation booklet that comes with your checkbook. As of today, I balanced it. Can I just say, what an eye opener?!! The way that I started when I first received my checks was to write a check and/or use my debit card and ALWAYS write it down. Then as time went on I started relying on my online account. For some reason this logic was just proven to me to be faulty. The reason I say that is because the numbers just started adding up, (pun intended). My online account will show how much money is in there before an actual transaction goes through. What I realized though is that sometimes checks don't go through until later and then BAM!! you have an overdraft for a check you totally forgot about!
So...I decided to relate this somewhat to my spiritual journey. If I fully rely on old revelation to get me through things, when the hard stuff, the current season that needs new revelation, comes BAM!! I get an "overdraft" per say because I haven't mined out the word for that season. I then find myself searching frantically for a word to fit in that season so I won't be in the red. NO NO NO!! This is completely out of order and not the way Yahweh has set things up!! Just like my checkbook, I must always be in the rest yet in right order yielding to Yahweh and hearing/listening (two very different things) for what His word is for every season. In conclusion, today is marked. I have drawn the line in the sand and have made a choice to line up with Yahweh's perfect order. I will continue keeping up with my finances so as to be a faithful son/steward over the things I have been entrusted with AND I will be found faithful to mine out Yahweh's word for every season, even if that entails worshiping Him for who is.

Love ya. Bless ya. Bye. ;)


  1. Thank you for being the Mighty woman Yahweh intended you to be. This is inspirational.

  2. I bless YOU, sweet Jacob! Thank you for the encouragement!