Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emracing the process

Once again I find myself starting a process. Yahweh is truly a God of process...the journey. At this moment I am learning to be content but not complacent. Wow. Our Adamic nature has made this a fine line yet in the spiritual there's a gaping hole in between. So let's be honest for a moment, I don't know how to do this!! I either find myself running full force and longing so much for the next dimension that I'm not content with the word Yahweh has given me for this season OR I find myself not really pressing in but just "being", becoming oblivious to the word for today. Can I get an "amen!" or "I've totally been there!"? What made me think of this is the Shane and Shane song "I Miss You". While listening I thought, "are they talking to a woman or to Yahweh?". I genuinely miss Him at this moment. Even though I know He is at my side or dwelling within me, however you choose to see it, I feel like He is slightly out of reach for this mind that is divided by Babylon and Kingdom. To reach the "Godhead dwelling" dimension my mind can no longer be divided. This spirit, mind, and body must be completely kingdom. Today I speak to mind: Quiet yourself! Spirit: Rise up! Body: Line up!!
I declare that I will be content with where I am in this season but will continue to yearn after Yahweh with a fiery passion! Yes I said it: PASSION!! Complacency will no longer have a hold on me!

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