Monday, June 21, 2010

Grandpa Ken

"Ken Loehman passed away last night." Hearing these words was something I honestly thought I would not hear for at least 40 more years. I was proven wrong when Zack called me five minutes ago and told me. Wow. That seems to be all I can say at the moment. Don't get me wrong there are thousands of questions going through my head and a definite urgency to intercede for the family but overall I am in shock. All that is coming to me is this: Ken's spirit man was being built up so much that his earthly man could not handle it. His body just was not capable of housing the mighty man he was always intended to be.
Now, after typing that I do realize that that could just be speculation or an excuse for what we thought Yahweh's word was for this situation. But what I do know is that there is a very fervent people here that are ready to press in to Yahweh full force to hear what happened and gain wisdom on how to proceed. I do know that Yahweh asking me to fast was obviously very purposed for this exact time. I speak peace to the Kiehn family and ask for wisdom to be given to the presbytery.

Ken Loehman, you will be missed on this earth but I am so stoked you're dancing with Yahweh and Yeshua in heavenly places.